Anne Tauber

mountainbiker & marathon speedskater

My name is Anne Tauber, 25 years old and living in the city of Nijmegen. My great passion? Mountain biking and marathon ice speed-skating! Ever since I became a full-time athlete in 2015, I feel privileged every day to spend my time doing what I love most. The joy and my dedication perform in both sports have brought me great success over the past two years. In the sport of mountain biking, strength, endurance and technique meet. Every mountainbike race I am challenged to master the technical and rugged course. On the other hand, marathon ice speed-skating involves tactics and team play with is great fun too!
After several podium places, I won a 5th place on the mountain bike in the final classification of the World Cup 2018. I proved that a mountain biker can also skate in 2018 with a victory at the Alternative Eleven Cities Tour Weissensee. In 2019 I became 7th in the World Championships mountainbiking in Canada.
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Little Anne wished to do everything
As a child I couldn't choose between sports and I wished to try everything. I was wild and a little brash. When I was seven years old I became Dutch champion in skiing slalom. Then replaced my skies for a pocket motorbike and some years later I was an acrobat in circus "Bombari" for youth. When I became enthusiastic for speed skating as an eleven year old, I started to train more seriously. That was the moment when the athlete in me came to the surface for the first time. But I realised that, if I wanted to perform well on skates, I also had to train hard during the summer. That's the reason I hopped on the bike. However 'just' cycling didn't give me gratification so I opted for mountain biking. A sport for which you have to be very playful and agile; this suited me to the ground.
Mountain biking really became my passion in 2016. I achieved successes above my expectations and broke through internationally. I felt sure; my choice to go mountain biking was a good one!
I am currently member of the mountain bike team of Bart Brentjens (CST-PostNL-Bafang MTB racing team) and I hope to be on my way to realising my ultimate dream; win a medal at the Tokyo Olympics!

Mountain bike 2019:

Dutch Champion Cross Country
7th World Championships Canada
4th World Cup Albstadt
5th World Cup Val di Sole
6th Overall World Cup standings 2019
In 2019 qualified for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021

Ice skating:
Winner Alternative Eleven Cities Tour Weissensee 2018
2nd Dutch championship natural ice Weissensee 2020

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“When on the mountain bike, I always feel like am being challenged, it pushes my boundaries to the maximum and so does my joy."
My food-blog
I love cooking and even more do I love to eat good and healthy food.
As a professional athlete I am focused on nutrition to be able to train hard and recover better. For this reason I would like to share with you what I eat in order to be as fit as possible. That's why I write inspirational recipes on my food blog. My food-blog are meant to help you to make the tastiest and healthiest meals. For those who are athletes to but also for everyone who is active and cares about health. Find the joy in food with me!
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